Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7.27.10 University ignorance and ethics in banking

On today's show I could only sit through 2 sections, due to Ramsey's banter and ignorant statements.

First DR went on a ten minute rant about how prestigious (i.e. expensive) colleges and universities were "stupid" and how he didn't care what school people went to. This was in response to a question about a person attending a junior college to avoid going in debt for school. Good thought. Never would encourage someone to go into debt if they don't have to. The problem is that DR either lies or is completely ignorant about real life. His statement at only 2-3% of people look at where you go to school. Incredibly short sighted. This is all argued on the false premise that professors, location, facility, etc are irrelevant to the educational experience. JUCO's and community collleges are wonderful, and serve a very valuable purpose. But lets all be honest here... sometimes, money does buy quality. "Introduction to Business" at Harvard is going be better than State Community College... the standards will be higher, the instruction better quality... because the school has choice to pick the best of the best to teach.

The second caller was a typical DR listener. Everything going fine until the day it wasn't, had mortgage, 4 credit cards, etc.
Mortgage and four credit cards were with the same bank, and caller also had his checking account at that bank. DR instructed caller to hide his money at another bank due to the fact that caller had probably signed, as a part of the loan contract, a clause that the bank could take payment from his account if he failed to pay. So, DR's response was for the caller to hide his money (be unethical) to avoid the bank from "stealing" money from him (actually just holding up the contract, ethical). I'm not sure where this man gets his morals and ethics from, but it is truly amazing. His favorite self joke, that you can tell banks are lying when they lips are moving, could better apply to him... you can tell DR is being unethical if he's on the radio!